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Get Yourself Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars and Be in Gangnam Style

Lexani Motorcars has unveiled a pimped and armored model of Toyota Sequoia which will leave you breathless. Ride in a limousine has always been a special pleasure and if the limousine is equipped like this, the feeling is complete.

Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars

Armoured 2013 Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars

In today’s world of luxury no one will notice you if you don’t really stand out for something big. Whether you’re a pop star, rapper, rock star, this is the car for you and your pleasure. With this car you’ll certainly be striking and many colleagues will envy you. You’ll be in Gangnam Style!

This isn’t merely armored car because in the interior is plush leather seating, wine coolers, an LCD flat screen fitted on the cabin divider all finished with a beautiful wood trim, so this is in addition to the security a luxurious car. Many cameras allow you to see what is going on outside, and all the electronics inside can be controlled via iPod.

The car is strong enough to resist grenades and land mines with armor on 5 sides and protect from 7.62×51 mm rifle rounds and the plating under the body of the car, and the reinforced hinges for longevity and steel casing for the fuel tank also contribute to security.

As Aesop Rock said in Citronella: “Nothing says charm like an armored car…”

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Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars

Toyota Sequoia is armored and pimped for a safe and luxe ride

Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars

Toyota Sequoia by Lexani Motorcars

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  1. Okay, the custom, Sequoia looks great-how much over MSRP?

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