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Give Your Putter a Personal Touch with Valedictorian

Valedictorian Putter

Valedictorian Limited Edition Putter

Valedictorian – the ultimate performance and luxury putter was born of the collaboration of skilled associates who share a passion for golf. The idea of creating and crafting luxury putters based on the imagination of the three talented and complementary founders – two watch designers and a watch maker with each more than a decade of experience in the Swiss watchmaking industry, resulted in the creation of this ultimate luxury putter, which can be fully personalized and customized to obtain one of Valedictorian’s finest limited edition putters.

A brand founded on three crucial values: PERFORMANCE, ELEGANCE AND UNIQUENESS.

Crafted using a stainless steel, the limited edition putter sports more than 100 rubies on the pin that connects the neck with the mallet head. The putters are limited to just nine units and sports red, cabretta genuine leather with red stitchback grips with black alligator head cover.

Valedictorian Putter

If you have always wanted to give your putter a personal touch, Valedictorian makes your dream come true. Besides limited editions, Valedictorian designs a small range of very unique masterpieces, which are only available on special request to satisfy your personal needs.

When creating these exclusive masterpieces, Valedictorian can customize diamond settings and engravings to your personal tastes and wishes, guaranteeing perfection, style and glamour. You can customize your own putter with materials and finish such as Steel 304L ; Gold 3N;  Gold 4N;  Gold 5N/; Platinum;  Emeralds;  Rubies and Diamonds.

Valedictorian Putter

Valedictorian Putter

Valedictorian Putter

The putter itself is carved from a stainless steel bloc and can be customized and finished by world-renowned jewelers with exceptional gems

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