Globe – Spectacular Chandelier In The Form Of Terrarium

Globe Chandelier

Do you follow the green trend that has swept the whole world, from fashion and architecture, to design?
If your answer is yes, then this chandelier will probably intrigue you. At this time, when the preservation of the environment by different ecological ways is in the center of our attention, designs like these play a major role in all eco-friendly interiors.

Globe Chandelier

Globe chandelier is one of these designs, which successfully bring a piece of nature into our homes. It’s about hanging, handmade glass chandelier in the shape of a sphere, which is available with or without integrated LED light source.
The design of this chandelier creates a unique perspective, ie the look at plants and other natural elements, often providing intensive zoom in or complete disappearance.

Globe Chandelier

Originally, this design was conceived as a terrarium for ferns, mosses, succulents and aquatic fauna that would soon be revealed all its features and applications in addition to plants.
Almost invisible power cable that is used for each Globe chandelier is created using micro-technology, which is used in the production of the carrier devices. Combined with discrete but incredibly strong stainless steel cable, Globe floats in the air, attracting the attention of all in all its elements.

Globe Chandelier

At the heart of this design are certainly plants, but it can be used for displaying a number of items, which would reflect in an interesting way and refused to light.
For example, when filled with water, Globe plays the role of a spectacular lens – by adding a few drops of paint, you can create spectacular lighting effects. In essence, your imagination is the only limit to what you experience when you think about its implementation.

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