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Glowing Bath – Soothing Colors in Your Bathroom

Glowing Bath by Melissa Sopel Inspired by candlelit relaxations, the Glowing Bath brings colour into the bathroom. Designed by Melissa Sopel this pretty looking concept caught our attention at the recent The Reece Bathroom Innovation Award. You can bathe and relax in hues of orange, blue, pink, red, fluorescent white or any color that soothes your senses after a particularly long, hard day at work.

It comes with a control panel which can be used to turn on the bath as well as its illumination. Just in case you’re undecided on that particular day as to what color you want to drench yourself in, just plug in your iPod or compatible MP3 player and let the songs’ rhythms dictate the color change.

The color-changing LEDs are placed at the base of the bathtub, which illuminate the translucent acrylic shell. While the Glowing Bath is not as appealing as the starry Nirvana bathtub, it will surely help brighten up your bathroom design and give you some nice moments of relaxation.

Aaaahhh, nothing more relaxing than a bath…..

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  1. What a beautiful concept this is. I’m look into some earth tone colors for my tub. Love the glowing bathtub!

    Juliette Samuel

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