Glybera, The World’s Most Expensive Drug That Cost $1.4Million

In Germany, was put on sale, the most expensive drug in history. It is a medicament “Glybera“, which is part of gene therapy in the absence of lipoprotein lipase, a rare hereditary disease. Price therapy is a whopping 1.1 Million euros($1.37 Million). Work on this drug lasted nearly a quarter century, and is produced by a Dutch biotech company “UniQure.” Although the drug was ready for use even two years ago, the approval for market sale has been postponed in order to collect additional data on its effectiveness.

Glybera, The World's Most Expensive Drug That Cost $1.4Million

One ampoule of this drug costs 53,000 euros and is sufficient for two injections. For a typical patient treatment are needed 42 shots or 21 ampoules, which cost a total of 1.1 Million euros($1.37 Million)! In Europe, there are currently about two hundred patients who are excellent candidates for this type of therapy, and they will be able to buy this drug from February 2015.

Glybera, The World's Most Expensive Drug That Cost $1.4Million

From “UniQure” say that “medicine is expensive, but it is cost effective because the patient who receives the aforementioned dose can be healthy for at least six years, maybe longer, or even a lifetime.”

Glybera, The World's Most Expensive Drug That Cost $1.4Million Glybera, The World's Most Expensive Drug That Cost $1.4Million

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