Gokiso Bicycle Wheel Will Ensure Victory But You Need $7,900

The Gokiso wheel set, designed by brothers Nobuo and Yutaka Kondo who run Kondo Machine are claimed to be the most efficient bicycle wheels in the world. Since, each pair costs a whopping $7,900, it could also be the world’s most expensive wheel set. The Gokiso wheels the Kondos have made out of titanium and carbon fiber provide what they say is an incomparably smooth ride – the sensation of gliding on ice.

Gokiso Bicycle Wheel Will Ensure Victory But You Need $7,900

This set of wheels are so efficient that they spin on a test rack for six minutes, compared with about 90 seconds for a high-end, resistance-impaired competitor.
The Gokiso wheel is superior in rigidity, durability and thermostability.
Moreover, your pedaling power is wholly transferred into driving power.
Therefore you can use the Gokiso Wheel not only for racing but also for daily usage.

Gokiso Bicycle Wheel Will Ensure Victory But You Need $7,900

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