Golden Dreams Unveils a Revolutionary Carbon Gold Luxury Composite Material

After Hublot’s Magic Gold and Pagani’s Carbon Titanium, Swiss luxury brand Golden Dreams unveils a Carbon and 18 Carat Gold composite material

Golden Dreams, the Swiss luxury company that launched the world’s most exclusive iPhone collection earlier this year, revealed its latest creation- a Carbon Gold composite material mixing real gold and carbon fibber.

The company’s R&D focused on creating a new form of luxury Carbon and tied-up with an American company specializing in the manufacturing of carbon fibber for the aviation industry. To keep its structural integrity intact, the carbon fibber is treated and then coated with a layer of 18 ct Gold.

The result was a phone unveiled as the Carbon Gold Edition by the company.

Belkacem Kendouci, Artistic Director of the company said “ After the success of our luxury iPhone collection, we received a lot of inquiries for carbon Fibber creations, we were also observing very closely the work of the likes of Pagani with their Carbon Titanium on the Zonda Cinque and other leading exotic car manufacturers who were turning carbon fibber into an attractive art form and we wanted to do something similar with our creations”.

“The final achievement was better than our expectation” said an upbeat Alexandre Masson, CEO of the company, adding “The R&D was challenging but we but we succeeded in creating something spectacular. We are not going to limit this technology to the iPhone, as it finds application in a range of luxury products and can be customized as per the client’s requirement.

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