Goldgenie’s 24k Gold Plated Segwheel

Goldgenie Segwheel

Here is the coolest new toy for billionaires. 24k Gold Plated Segwheel. And, when talking about gadgets gilded in this precious material, the main gold plating specialist on the planet Goldgenie is on the first place.
People at Goldgenie took a self-balancing electric uniwheel and transformed it into one sort of status symbol. Designed as a self-balancing electric uniwheel but coated in 24k Gold and decorated with Gold Python skin, this thing features a high-tech system in aerospace transport control, with a fuzzy algorithm and a gyroscope system helping it to keep its user in balance.

Goldgenie Segwheel

By leaning forward or backward, users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or turn. The left and right balance is similar to shifting direction on a bicycle by slanting slightly to the left or right and optional stabilisers will ensure you don’t lose your balance. The high quality tire ensures that all maneuvers offer the best grip in all weather conditions.
Goldgenie’s Segwheel is capable to travel up to speeds of 18km/hr, and can be yours for $71,680.

Goldgenie Segwheel

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