Graff’s Diamond Swan Watch Rests on a Diamond Bracelet

Graff's Diamond Swan Watch
Graff’s Diamond Swan Watch

The Graff is out with a stunning new jewelry timepiece called the Swan becomes a dazzling guardian of time in this delightful jewelry timepiece. Crafted in harmony with the classic tradition of secret watches, which alternately conceal and reveal time in many different subtle and appealing ways, this exquisite model is a truly breathtaking jewellery composition.

The graceful swan is set in the center of a diamond bracelet which is set with 832 shimmering white diamonds. This magnificent creature is paved with diamonds and its wing is set with marquise-cut diamonds. To see time, just open the wing of the swan gently.

The entire bejeweled wristwatch sparkles with over 900 diamonds which total to 54.7 carats. [World Tempus]

Graff's Diamond Swan Watch
Graff's Diamond Swan Watch

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