Gravity Headphones by Kyumin Ha

Gravity Headphones

Korean product designer Kyumin Ha confirmed his knowledge for innovative projects at Naver Labs. Now, he spreads his magic to wireless field. The idea for Ha’s latest project come about bacause the desire to ceate conceptual headphones that stand upright without support when not in use. When we take off our headphones, they are usually lying on the table or down on the floor, what if we could make our headphones stand on the table as if floating in the air?

Gravity Headphones

Well, Ha’s headphones, the aptly named “Gravity” headphones have been designed to represent lightness and elegance, the weightlessness is represented by the geometry shape and proportion, this balance in weight allows the headphones to stand without any support, giving the illusion of the phones defying gravity.

Gravity Headphones

Gravity headphones feature a simple and minimalist design. They adopt the same neat 45 degree angle when worn, relieving the pressure of tight or constricting earphones and instead giving the wearer a sense of weightlessness. They would be noticeable and easy to see.

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