Gresso Regal Black Phone – Dynamic Attitude of Avantgarde Collection

The Gresso company unveils the new Regal Black phone, the perfect continuation of the Avantgarde collection, inspired by marine and speed themes.

The Regal Black impresses with its exquisite design, reminding of swift and elegant lines of high-speed yachts. Sharpened bottom of the case, dynamic silhouette and minimalist style – the whole image of the handset signifies the expressive shape of fast vessels. Deep black color accentuates dynamic attitude of the new phone. The combination of metal and glass intensifies the perception of unusual many-sided frame.

Gresso Regal Black Phone

For the first time the Gresso phone case is made as a one-piece detail. High-precision equipment performance allows to cut a complicated frame geometry. The main material is the solid titanium slab. There are no compromises allowed between the costs and the quality in manufacturing exclusive items, that’s why it’s no wonder that the finished Regal phone case has only 9% of the original metal workpiece.

It takes couple hours to hand polish the Regal phone case before covering. The black PVD-surface cover gives the device extra protection. This technology creates the effect of a little rough mat metal texture.

As a result the designers and engineers solved the main task: every frame line symbolizes harmony and tenderness, and a delicate play of faces highlights refined and luxurious style. The solid weight of the device is divided with all ergonomic features, so the phone fits comfortably and soundly in the hand.

The front and the back panels of the Regal Black phone are executed in tempered mineral glass. Exclusive tinting technology, especially engineered for the Regal series, give the glass rich black color. The phone keyboard is created by precision cutting technology, using a type of steel, common for tough service conditions.

All Gresso manufactured pieces, as well as the Regal Black, are traditionally handcrafted. The details are impeccably made. The phone represents the highest quality and reliability criteria.

Avantgarde Regal is an exclusive line of legendary collection , a luxurious accessory for spotlight person.

The Regal phone series are limited. The total number of the Regal Black phones is 333 pieces. The phone will be available in April 2012. The estimated price is $5,000.

The phone is available for sale at authorized Gresso dealers only and at online-boutique

Gresso Regal Black Phone

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