Hand-Made Kors Vodka Costing up to $24,500

Probably the world’s most exclusive vodka brand, Kors Vodka, has released three different, handmade limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500. The vodka is available exclusively through the brand’s corporate gift service for its clients.

Known as the “Tsar’s Vodka,” the high-end luxury vodka label presented three different, handmade limited edition bottles

Tim Wright, who is in charge of business program for this label, says that they are excited to reveal the first luxury vodka business program.

When it comes to the presentation of their vodka, the company pays attention to every detail, so the vodka is stored in handmade crystal bottles which feature real gold detailing. Each bottle is packaged in a walnut wooden box and wrapped in Persian silk. Customers can even engrave their own message on a gold plate, which is included in the walnut box.

This luxury vodka is created through a diamond distillation process that utilizes water from the Italia Alps.

Kors Vodka, also known as “Tsar’s Vodka,” has been produced using the same recipe for over a century.

With the Kors Vodka Corporate Program, buyers can even have their own personal note engraved on a gold plate included in the walnut box
Each bottle is presented in walnut wood box and wrapped in finest Persian silk.
The precious vodka is thereafter stored in these handmade crystal bottles which feature real gold detailing

The water from the Italian Alps and hand selected grains from 12 countries are processed in the gold tubes via diamond distillation guarantees the smoothness of taste

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