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Oyster Piano

The piano has always been a part of the glamorous homes, and playing the same was skill that has always been reserved for the most persistent ones … The design of the piano to this day since the beginning hasn’t changed much – but why should changed? With its lines, contrasting black and white keys, the piano is the hallmark of elegance and glamor, delicacy and robustness at the same time.

Oyster Piano

However, as time passes, we had the opportunity to see some modern versions that are basically old and classical piano with a new body. Its essence and function remain the same, and we believe that will never change.
Today we decided to introduce you to the amazing concept of piano called Oyster. This conceptual instrument leaves its monotonous form for the sake of natural roundness of shell.

Oyster Piano

Its shape still clearly reminiscent of classical piano, tone that it produces has the same quality and fits perfectly with the performances of excellent pianists. Would you think some layperson will sound better while playing on this piano? We think that the skill is still crucial.

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