Helmfon – Unique Helmet Which Block Out Noise In The Workplace


Ukrainian based Hochu rayu design bureau have designed a unique tool which help have full concentration at work by blocking any noise. Named Helmfon, the helmet-like head gear allows you to completely tune out any surrounding sound, which can be especially helpful if you’re trying to concentrate, and at the same time, still allows you to be a part of everything going on in the office.


Helmfon is specially designed according to the client’s wishes, making the person look and feel like his or her favorite superhero in real life. It has a hard, painted glass fiber for the exterior, while the inside is cushioned by fabric and foam.
This helmet also has items like a system board, microphone, speakers inside it to allow the user to have the ability to chat with someone on Skype or listen to music.


It can play movies and videos, organize skype conferences, answer or make calls, watch or edit photos, or add personal functions. furthermore, the helmet device can be used in different positions – as a helmet on shoulders, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted helmet. So, everyone can do his or her communication work by just wearing their Helmfon.

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