Hitler’s Cylinder Sold For Incredible Price

Hitler's Cylinder

If you have always been fascinated by German history and/or have secretly admired Hitler, you may be disappointed that you just missed your chance to buy the entire suitcase of his personal belongings…
We are talking about a controversial auction held at the Hermann Historica in Munich this week, during which several personal items of a famous Nazi leader were sold. Hitler’s Cylinder was the most popular auction item, priced at $55,000, among other items being a silver-plated copy of Mein Kampf’s Formerly Herman Gering, a cocktail dress that belonged to Eva Brown, and more.

Hitler’s Cylinder

Despite its success, this auction did not go over well with the European Association of Jews, who called it the glorification of Nazism. Commenting, Rabbi Menahem Margolin, chairman of the association, said: “We believe that the sale of such items has little historical value, and as buyers, there are people who glorify and justify the actions of the greatest evil that hit Europe.”
In the past, several of Hitler’s personal items were for sale, the most popular being his farewell message, telephone, and desk set with his initials.

Hitler’s Cylinder

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