Home of Lance Armstrong Goes on Sale

Lance Armstrong, the disgraced former seven-time Tour de France champion and once a famous athlete, selling his home in Texas and hiding in the new house from all the worries that have. He is quickly lost all of its glory, along with another trophy from his old life – his large family estate in Austin, Texas.

Lance Armstrong's Estate in Austin

Al Koehler, the founder of Royalty Clearinghouse, oil and gas companies is going to buy Armstrong’s estate for unknown price. Armstrong was the owner of 1.7 acres, 700 square meters of space since 2004, and very much invested in a complete renovation and design project. For Archiectural Digest in 2008, Armstrong said: “When I walk into the house, I feel relieved. I’m home. Take off my shoes, walk barefoot, I just feel like carpet flooring. Home is very private. No one will bother you here. It feels good. ”

Amid his private and professional turmoil during the past few years, its recognition of using the drugs during his brilliant career on which many envied him, Armstrong decided to flee to his new hideout and sell this home. Several media outlets suggested that Armstrong may have to return the money to his former sponsors who have generously supported him throughout his sports career.

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Lance Armstrong's Estate in Austin

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