Hormel Motorcycle Driven By Bacon

Hormel Company in Austin, Minnesota, has made a bike that moves on the organic fuel made from the fat of the bacon. Track T-800, built as part of the “Guided bacon” (Driven by Bacon), will travel over the United States for 10 days, until the 29th of August. The first stop will be in Sturgis, South Dakota, where it is scheduled gathering of bikers. Engine, exceed 112 kilometers consuming 3.8 liters of fuel, and project members say that the exhaust smells like bacon.

Hormel Motorcycle Driven By Bacon
“If the tanker fell into the ocean, the fishes would have ate it with a pleasure and without any danger to life. Emissions that contribute to global warming in this fuel is almost zero, “say the organizers of the project. After the Sturgis motorcycle will be displayed at the Festival of bacon in San Diego in late August, and then it will be exposed at the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

Hormel Motorcycle Driven By Bacon Hormel Motorcycle Driven By Bacon Hormel Motorcycle Driven By Bacon

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