Hublot’s Classic Fusion Chrono Berluti Scritto

Hublot Classic Fusion Chrono Berluti Scritto

Two years ago Hublot released its first innovation: the Classic Fusion Berluti line. In honour of Berluti’s 120th anniversary these pieces encapsulated the inimitable style of the famous shoemaker in a watch for the first time.
This year, the Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti lineup just got even better with two new chronographs that clearly enrich this collaboration between the Parisian shoemaker and the watchmaker from Nyon. The first watch sports a titanium case and a gorgeous ocean blue dial, while the second one comes in 18K king gold with a burgundy red dial the evokes the color of wine.

Hublot Classic Fusion Chrono Berluti Scritto

Venezia Scritto, the signature leather of the House of Berluti. Calf leather engraved with writing inspired by the calligraphy of the 18th century. The leather has been treated with exclusive mineral and vegetable tanning to create a palette of colours created by hand based on essential oils and pigments.
Two shades the first known as wine-coloured or marsala red, a bold colour, burgundy is always a symbol of ultimate elegance. Blue is the second colour, the most common colour in menswear, it opens up to new horizons, lending an oceanic hue.

Hublot Classic Fusion Chrono Berluti Scritto

Two metals cut by Hublot, King Gold, the alloy developed by the manufacture and titanium for chronographs that reach across time. In addition platinum is used to stabilise the King Gold colour over the long term and to neutralise its oxidation; other properties of titanium include great corrosion resistance and the highest resistance/weight ratio of all metals.
From its modelling to its working then from cutting to assembly, each leather part has followed exactly the same ritual of mineral and vegetable tanning as Berluti shoes.

Hublot Classic Fusion Chrono Berluti Scritto

An additional challenge for the manufacture Hublot was how to use a living material in the sealed casing of a watch. Hublot and Berluti rose to the challenge and through a complex and delicate process, the humidity that is contained naturally in the leather was neutralised, so that the Venezia Scritto could be encapsulated in sapphire. Leather that has been made unspoilable, protected from any oxidation.
Hublot x Berluti, timeless materials.

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