I Will Survive! – If Pay $30,000 to Stay at The World’s Largest Doomsday Shelter

When the Doomsday come, not important only to survive. If you want to survive in style, and live like in some luxury resort, you’ll have to splash some $30,000. This summer, the California company Vivos under Robert Vicino agreed to purchase a portion of the facility and is converting it to what it calls “the world’s largest doomsday shelter”. Massive, luxury bunkers deep below the Earth’s surface which is adjacent to Jackson Park in Atchison, Kansas will accommodate “5,000 people living in up to 1,500 RVs.

In Case of Apocalypse: $20K RV Spot in Doomsday Resort Bunker

Those who’d like to ride out Doomsday in style will enjoy the amenities such as indoor golfing, a bowling alley and swimming pool complete with a water slide. Of course, there will also be blast doors and an air filtration and ventilation system. Earthling survivors will buy a spot and pay $1,000 per lineal foot of their vehicle. A 25-foot-long RV would cost $25,000 plus a $1,500 charge per person to pay for a year’s worth of provided food and toiletries.

“We said, ‘Lets not make it just available for a catastrophe, but let’s turn it into a 24/7 resort where our members can go until the moment of truth,” he said. “You get your cake and eat it too,” Vicino told ABC News. He describes it as an “underground cruise ship”, which will protect you in case of nuclear explosion, biological war, terrorism, anarchy, a global tsunami and a visit by Planet X. Hope not to test success of his project.



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