Inside BB King’s $1.4million Hi-Tech Tour Bus

Everyone know that celebrities live in the lap of luxury, from their home to their hotel and even more, when it comes to travel, these icons refuse to compromise on their need for luxury.

BB King’s Hi-Tech Tour Bus

And proving our point is legendary blues guitarist BB King who travels from one gig to another in a luxurious $1.4million hi-tech tour bus. The interiors of this plush motorcoach have been done by Superior Coach Interiors in Nashville, while the electronics were installed by Digital Home Lifestyles of Phoenix.

This 45–foot luxury motorcoach has more than $200,000 worth of electronics inside, making it a center of inspiration for laying down tracks, reviewing audio and video, keeping up to date on news and communicating with his fans and crew.

The source components include:

* 4 DirecTV HR21-PRO DVRs (1 dedicated to the rear lounge, 3 for distributing audio and video)

* 4 Kaleidescape 1080p players (1 dedicated to the rear lounge, 3 for distributed A/V)

* 1 Kaleidescape 3U server

* 1 Crestron iPod dock that is distributed throughout the coach

* 4 individual iPod docks for each bunk

* 1 Crestron XM tuner (distributed to all zones with feedback on all the touchpanels

* 1 AM/FM radio (distributed with feedback on all the touchpanels)

* 2 Integra Blu-ray DVD players (1 dedicated to the rear lounge and 1 dedicated to the front lounge)

* 1 PS3 and 1 Xbox 360 in the front lounge

* 1 Sony Professional DAT Player (dedicated to the rear lounge)

* 1 Aiphone back-up camera (for driver’s touchpanel)

* 1 Aiphone PTZ front door security camera (distributed to all TVs and touchpanels)

BB King’s Hi-Tech Tour Bus AV Rack Sofa

The tour bus has seven miles of of cabling from Liberty Cable, five miles of Cat5 wiring and 3,000 feet of CresNET. The coach is also equipped with a music and video server system that allows BB King to access a collection of more than 20,000 CDs, 6,000 DVDs and VHS tapes. The front and rear lounges have 7.1 surround sound systems. There also are auxiliary input jacks for computers, HDMI, A/V, etc. in the front and rear lounges as well as Ethernet connections.

BB King’s Hi-Tech Tour Bus LG Flat Screen

King’s electronics require six separate 20-amp circuits and are powered in three different ways: 1)They can be plugged in when the vehicle is stopped; 2)They can run off the engine’s inverters; 3)They can run off a generator.

Despite of all that luxury, don’t sleep in the coach, King stay in hotels every night, but they spend a significant amount of time in there.

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