Introducing CalypsoPad: The Missing iPhone Accessory

CalypsoPad is the missing style piece between an elegant table and a fragile phone. Designed to carefully hold your iPhone on your desk. It is a landing pad for your device made of finest premium Italian leather.

Laying down your phone is now much safer and quicker, and the charging cable will never again be lost in the clutter underneath your desk. Plus.. it just looks fabulous.


We strive to make every detail impeccable. Our skilled craftsmen put their best efforts and hours of precise work into building CalypsoPad. Everything is carefully sewn together with exclusively selected ornamental threads.

Built in magnets will hold the charging cable in place. And finally, as always, we inspect for perfection.

Two flavours to chose from.

The Owami Peak features carefully chosen beige patterned Italian leather. Finished with elegant white cut edges. While the Karoo Slopes comes in provocative red decorative threads and mystic dark natural Italian leather.

Both CalypsoPad designs are available now on for €35/$39.


Owami peak

Beige patterned Italian leather. Answering. Calling. Charging. All those small everyday tasks will run much smoothly. Place your iPhone down for a second and lay back to think. Look at Owami Peak. Let your phone wait for you in this carefully chosen beige patterned Italian leather. Finished with elegant white cut edges. This is the island of safety for your iPhone. And your designer desk.


Karoo Slopes

Mystic dark natural Italian leather gives your iPhone a burst of energy. The Karoo Slopes will magically hold your charging cable in place with its magnetic strip. For thousand and one nights. No morning will ever be the same while your iPhone is picked up from the grounds of Karoo Slopes. What can be more provocative than its red decorative threads and the mystic dark natural Italian leather.


Five star materials

We take great pride in what we do. Handcrafting such fine products is extremely demanding. But we would not have it any other way. All our passion for the profession can be seen in every product we make. Every CalypsoPad is crafted with love. So you can enjoy it even more.



Get the best from the best. We don not rush. We take our time while crafting every single product. Although some robot help would be nice, we manufacture all by hand. This is the only way we can assure that precision and years of tradition are built into every CalypsoPad. [CalypsoCrystal]

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