Invented for Beauty – The Multifunctional Water-massage Bed SENSO

Senso Water Massage Bed
Senso Water Massage Bed

SENSO was born as part of the new I.SO BENESSERE line, invented for beauty, massage and relaxation centres. SENSO  can be used by operators in a number of different ways: as massage, relaxation, photo rejuvenation in order to maximize the earning power of the room where it is placed. The water-massage bed can be used in conjunction with the CHIC hanging module which will contain lamps for collagen stimulation.

Inside the mattress has communicating compartments that have been designed to reduce as far as possible the wave-effect produced by the user’s movements while maintaining the sensation of being cradled by water that cossets the user’s body. Crafted in anti-allergic plastic, the beds feature anti-ageing techniques for long usage.

SENSO has an optional, an innovative water massage system that uses water jets welded into the mattress and with adjustable direction. The user enjoys a pleasant massage throughout the beauty treatments or relaxation session while the electronically controlled chromo-therapy programs (harmonizing, energizing, revitalizing) ensure total relaxation.

A special steel tank supporting the mattress has been designed to contain leakages of water and to avoid any contact with other parts of the equipment. This tank has a tap to empty out water whenever required. The external trim of the bed is made of wood, lined with imitation leather with seams that produce a softer, rounded effect. [Iso Benessere]

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