iPhone 4/4s Gold-plated Back Plate and Bumper

Though iPhone 4/4S have already got their due share of blinged versions, Crystal Rocked now offer a full iPhone luxury package which instantly turns your iphones in to an eye catching gadget. This is a 24ct Gold or Chrome plated back plate which has to be replaced with the existing back plate to turn your phone instantly into a scintillating pieceof art.

The crystal bumber are produced from an Aluminium base as to keep them light weight, then each bumper is 4 times dip plated in 24ct gold to ensure thickness. These blinged cases have as much as 200 crystals decked on the sides.

The Chrome flavor comes for $465 whereas the Gold version is priced at $540. They can be easily attached and removed in case you have to change your phone. [CrystalRocked]

Gold-plated back plate and bumper for iPhone 4/4S by CrystalRocked
CrystalRocked Gold-plated back plate and bumper for iPhone 4/4S

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