iPhone Will Tie Your Shoe Laces

Nike Adapt BB

After fulfilled the dreams of returning self-lacing sneakers from the Back to the Future Part II series, Nike has released a new model of shoes for a wide range of customers, and you can manage it even over the phone.
Admittedly, this can only be done with the help of a movie trick or barely visible laces that someone in the background controls. However, Nike did not abandon this idea and after nearly 30 years, in 2016, the company again releases self-lacing sneakers in the form of the Nike Mag model.

Nike Adapt BB

Until this moment, the story sounds great for freaks, but manufacturers believe that these shoes are our future. In order to do so, shortly after the announcement of this model, they launched Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, which was not at all just a joke, but a completely real and modern sneakers.
With the upgraded version of the above-mentioned model, the Nike Adapt BB are designed for basketball players, and in many ways are more complex and even cheaper than the previous model. Why exactly for basketball players? Because they can easily illustrate that the technology behind the self-lacing shoes is not an empty story, but that it has real and significant advantages.
A player’s foot may increase by half the number during strenuous training or games. Accordingly, after a while, they have to tie the laces again to be tied to their feet. It’s a hassle that every athlete tries to avoid in a professional sport.

Nike Adapt BB

Nike has invited some of the professional players (for example, Jayson Tatum, who needed them for marketing purposes) into his production facility to assess requirements and develop the model of the sneakers. Fortunately, you can now control them on the button, but also through a cool application, and so on through the iPhone.
What’s important is, for example, you can determine how much you want your shoes to be tightened when you go to walk, warm up, or play the game in just a few seconds.
Of course, this news is not easy for Adidas, so shortly after Nike’s announcement, this company posted on Twitter that you do not need laces for great shoes, but you also do not need buttons or apps.
The sale of Nike Adapt BB model will start in U.S. next month.

Nike Adapt BB

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