Ipod Touch Supreme Fire – the World’s Most Expensive iPod

iPod Touch 24ct Gold Supreme Fire
iPod Touch 24ct Gold Supreme Fire

The latest device to get the Stuart Hughes treatment is the new iPod Touch 4G, which is called the Supreme Fire 24ct Gold Edition. For £209,995 ($330,000), the iPod gets a glitzy facelift with 125 grams of solid 24ct gold as 124 diamonds jazz up the periphery.

The Apple logo on the rear also glitters with 53 diamonds set in 21 grams of gold. The navigation button has 2 ct diamond surrounded with 28 diamonds set in 16 grams of gold. In all this most expensive iPod is a piece of jewelry boasting of 75ct.

Not certain how many units will be sold, which is why only three have been made. Would you pay the price for this device?

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