Is Your Cell Phone Impressive Enough – $880,000 Dragon and Spider Phone Case

After spending over 16 months working on them, Anita Mai Tan from has released her new Dragon and Spider phone case to be worn as a necklace

Poetry and Nature are her muse. The intention and meaning behind each phone case is as brilliant as its design. Her creativity and fusion of design elements, whether diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emerald, tsavorite, and more, are so delicately crafted they deliver the elegance expected from an Anita Mai Tan piece. After releasing her million dollar pen in 2010, Anita Mai Tan has just revealed her double $880,000 phone case.

In the year of the Dragon, The Beautifully crafted Dragon Phone case is made in 18K gold set with an array of 2200 colorless and color diamonds (cognac, brown, champagne) for a total weight of 32 cts. She uses a subtle combination of number: 22 which means “easy”, 32 means “born easy” or “born lucky” and their combination becomes “9” . As we both know: the qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spiritual. The dragon is the symbol of Growth, the Universe, life and existence.

The companion of her Dragon phone case is a beautifully crafted Spider Phone case. The Spider is the symbol of Hard Work, Unity and Creativity. The case is in 18K gold set in an array of 2800 colorless and black diamonds for a total weight of 38 cts: 28 which means “easy gaining wealth” and 38 “born wealth”.

A contest will be organised where the youth will be required to answer: ” What needs to be done in order to make the World Sparkle in 2013!”

The pieces will be auctioned, in fall 2012, by Magnetic Communication Inc under their Sparkle Event to support the NFTE whose mission is to assist the youth in low income bracket to remain longer at school. Among the NFTE’s work is to free kids from the perceived limitations of street life and crime by providing them another set of tools and community support to be entrepreneurs and add value to our society. [AL-Gems]

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