Jaguar BlackJag Concept On Sale For $3.82Million

The one and only! Lovers of exotic cars and collectors, do not sleep peacefully these days! The auction is scheduled for sale of Jaguar BlackJag. This single copy sales directly the owner from Ingolstadt, in Germany. It is a single copy of a concept model which was in 2004 presented in Geneva. The car is creation of designer house Fuore Design, and is powered by engine with 900Hp. There are no details about the history of this BlackJag, but it could be owned by the company’s founder and automotive designer Erwin Leo Himmel.

Jaguar BlackJag Concept On Sale For $3.82Million

We seriously doubt that somebody will purchase it, because of the price which starts at $3.82 million. Of course, if you are wealthy enough, more information you can get at website.

Jaguar BlackJag Concept On Sale For $3.82Million Jaguar BlackJag Concept On Sale For $3.82Million Jaguar BlackJag Concept On Sale For $3.82Million

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