JetSurf Board – Carbon Fibre Board Powered by 100cc Engine

The thick of the summer may be over, but there’s still some time to take the JetSurf Board out to water. JetSurf has jetted out a gas-powered mini-surfboard with a built-in 100cc engine for a propeller. The gasoline tank has a 3-liter capacity, the top speed between their three models is 35 mph, and they weigh around 30 pounds. That means you don’t need waves (or paddling) to move. You just hold on to the handle, press the hand-operated control unit, and you’re off and surfing.


Each board weighs a little over 30 pounds, and there are three different versions: The 100cc “Pro Race” model with a race-optimized carburetor that ramps up to 35mph, a midrange 100cc “Factory” model that tops out at 34mph, and an entry-level 86cc “Ultra Sport” model that tops out at a still-respectable 30mph.

To power its way through the water the craft has a two-stroke engine and a miniature water jet. The craft sucks in water from the front and shoots it out behind, helping it to build up speed very quickly. An electronic leash which is attached to the surfer’s wrist acts as both a throttle and an emergency kill-cord.

According to the Jetsurf company, there is no comparable engine in the world that has the same power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the Jet Surf riders do not need special permits, which is great if you want to casually test one out on the waterfront wherever you may be visiting all over the world.

The Ultra Sport model costs around $15,588 and the 100cc Pro Race model sells for approximately $19,485.

The JetSurf isn’t the first motorized surfboard we’ve seen.  Back in 2011 we reviewed the WaveJet, a battery-powered full-size surfboard that tops out at 12mph.





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