Jewel For Your Bathroom Worth $2 Million

The Jewel

Every day we meet with a variety of extravagant designs that come from all over the world.
Bathtubs are now made of ultra-modern materials and can be made of fiberglass, carbon fibers, and they can also have the latest technological innovations.
Modern tubs have HD televisions and sound surround systems for entertainment enthusiasts, while jewelry fans can have a bath with golden details or Swarovski crystals, and modern-day fans are delighted with bathtubs that have a minimalist design.

The Jewel

For lovers of luxury with a deeper pocket, who do not want anything less than the most exclusive and very rare items for their house, we present this tub. You will be appalled by the fact that it was made of wood, but not of any kind. It’s a petrified tree.
Petrified tree is obtained from trees that are fosilized in a specific way, which preserves their shape and structure, before their cells are fully decomposed. This process lasts for millions of years and, therefore, the petrified tree is a rarity.
This bathtub is the work of designer Nigel Fenwick and is currently being presented at the INDEX Interior Design Exhibition, held in Dubai. “The Jewel” as Fenwick called this bath, was created from a piece of petrified wood from the Indonesian rainforest ,14 tons heavy, about 180 million years old.
The surface of the tub is decorated with natural gems that are formed on the surface during the long life of this tree, and this material is certified by some experts as a therapeutic and healing.
The designer sincerely believes that his design will overcome the previous record in price, and that it will sell for incredible $2 million!

The Jewel

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