JFK Personal Items Auctioned for up to $2 Million

JFK character and work will remain forever in the history of nations of the United States. Unfortunate end of former U.S. president still intrigues people around the world. Everything connected with him still draws attention. Such was the case at auction in Amesbury, Massachusetts when thousands of items that belonged to John F. Kennedy sold for as much as $2 million in an auction.

JFK Personal Items Auctioned for up to $2 Million
Thousands of items that belonged to a longtime aide of President John F. Kennedy sold for as much as $2 million in an auction that ended on Monday, nearly 50 years after the president’s assassination

A birthday card from his son, the late John F. Kennedy Jr., reached $17,000, a flag flown on Kennedy’s motorcade limousine sold for $55,000, while a seal that hung above the aide’s desk in the West Wing sold for $17,000. A top sale item was Kennedy’s Air Force One bomber jacket, which sold for $570,000 far more than the expectation. The collection included letters, photographs, books and other items that had been held in drawers and file cabinets at the home of David Powers, who died in 1998. They were discovered in recent years by relatives as they prepared the Arlington, Massachusetts, residence for sale.

Powers was close to the president throughout his political career, from 1946 until his assassination on November 22, 1963. Among them were dozens of letters from former first lady Jackie Kennedy and books inscribed by the president. Around 400 people from across the country attended the auction. Bidders from around the world participated online.

JFK Personal Items Auctioned for up to $2 Million
The auction included a slew or rare Kennedy memorabilia, from photographs to pens and clothing
JFK Personal Items Auctioned for up to $2 Million
JFK’s Air Force One Bomber Jacket sold for a whopping $570,000

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