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Kanye West Shows off Million Dollar Smile

Kanye West Shows off Diamond and Gold Teeth
Kanye West Shows off Diamond and Gold Teeth

Rapper Kanye West has taken bling to a new level, unveiling a set of gold and diamond teeth on TV.  The famous rapper showed off the sparkling diamond and gold implants to chatshow host Ellen DeGeneres.

It’s really my real teeth … replaced my bottom row of teeth,” West told the stunned talk show host.  I just thought that diamonds were cooler.

West has suffered severe dental issues since a near-fatal car crash in October 2002. He smashed his Lexus head-on into another car at 3am after leaving his recording studio. Two weeks after the accident, West famously recorded Grammy Award-nominated track Through the Wire with his jaw wired shut following reconstructive surgery.

I wonder how hard those diamond teeth are to clean?

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