Kormaran K7 Watercraft

Kormaran K7

Austrian company, Kormoran designed this versatile luxury vessel that can speed on the seas as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or a hydrofoil. This luxury secret agent watercraft can be experienced in a relaxed and casual setting.
Kormaran K7 is a 23 foot speedboat that can change shape + pilot settings at the push of a button. The transformation system is a groundbreaking innovation, allowing the Kormaran to change the distance between the hulls and the height of the central passenger cabin.

Kormaran K7

In this way it allows the variability and the multi-functionality of the vessel. While conventional boats cannot change their characteristics, the KORMARAN can transform even while in motion, elegantly combining the agility of a monohull for quick manoevres with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran.
In addition, the Kormaran can gracefully transform into a large sunbathing island, without compromising transport or storage space.

Kormaran K7

At low speed, the trimaran-like mode is enabled, transforming the Kormaran into an real eye catcher, elegantly and smoothly gliding with even greater stability. Manoeuverability is enhanced with a special docking modus, turning the boat at the spot, even moving sideways for docking.
Flying at up to one meter above sea level, gives you a jet plane feeling, with a smooth and comfortable ride, decoupled from the effects of the waves, turning easily in close curves, flying without slamming and spray. At night, the special light design make it appear like a comet.

Kormaran K7

Opening the bathing platform and the butterfly wing doors with their running boards, the Kormaran can be elegantly transformed into an luxury island with a multi functional platform for sunbathing, diving & swimming, partying or just chilling in a comfortable lounge.
To underline these highest technology and quality standards, the design of every single Kormaran may be fully personalized. The K7 can be ordered in an array of exterior colours and there are more than 600 leather colours on stock for the interior.

Kormaran K7

Should this not be sufficient, then a new colour can be produced as well as a pattern, imprint or embroidery – the possibilities are endless.
The carbon fibre optics can be adapted from fine to structural and even gold plated. The wooden elements can be modified as well as the teak deck replaced with a different wood and colour, making every single Kormaran K7 of the strictly limited First Edition a single unique diamond.

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