Kymera – World’s First Electric Jet Body Board

Looking for cheap and easily transportable personal watercraft Jason Woods has created the Kymera Body Board. After three years of hard work and three unsuccessful and ruined prototypes, the young garage designer managed to cope for his dream. He designed world’s first electric jet body board – light enough to carry under your arm, small enough to fit in the trunk of almost any vehicle and efficient enough to enjoy all day without breaking the bank.

World's first Electric Jet Body Board Kymera lets you experience water at 30mph
World’s first Electric Jet Body Board Kymera lets you experience water at 30mph

“I really wanted to create a personal watercraft that had all the fun and none of the hassle of jet skis or boats,” Woods told Gizmag. “My specific goals were that it would have to easily fit in or on a compact car, it would have to be safe, it must be easily hand carried and launched anywhere and it had to be able to run all day. My inspiration though, really came from watching people at the lake awkwardly wading at the waters edge while the privileged few were out on the water.”

So, Kymera might resemble an ordinary body board, but it features an electric motor that outputs peak power of 3.4 kW and is powered by a lithium ion battery pack that will provide around an hour of use. The battery pack can be recharged from a standard wall outlet in around two hours and the whole board, including the battery, weighs in at 48 lbs (21 kg). But with electrical outlets not easy to come by on the shore, Woods has also developed a solar charging station for the Kymera. Measuring 4 x 6 feet (1.2 x 1.8 m), the charging station can fully recharge a Kymera in eight hours and is designed to be mounted on the roof of a lifeguard tower to ensure the board is always ready for action. Woods is also working on a combination roof rack/charger that can also pull power from a vehicle as it makes the trip to the water.

This innovative and eco-friendly watercraft which is currently a Kickstarter project, was originally created for personal recreational purposes, but its speed, ease of use and ability for life-guarding make Kymera so necessery for wild waves.

World's first Electric Jet Body Board Kymera lets you experience water at 30mph
Rescue Electric Jet Body Board by Kymera
World's first Electric Jet Body Board Kymera lets you experience water at 30mph
Kymera features ultra-durable roto-molded hull, swappable 1000wh Lithium Polymer battery

Rescue Electric Jet Body Board by Kymera
A lithium ion battery that enables the rider to zip around the waves at 30mph for almost 60 minutes

Rescue Electric Jet Body Board by Kymera
The Kymera will come in two different sizes, with each offering a choice of two different power options

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