Levante – A Very Special Chandelier by De Majo

The earliest chandeliers date back to the medieval times (although with candles and were used by the wealthy), but through the history they became not only means for illuminating, but also as a decorative focal points for rooms, and often as a status symbol. This decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture has a special treatment by De Majo. Through their creation based on traditional Venetian chandeliers, you can literally see the outstanding quality of Murano glass. De Majo‘s latest rétro chic creation is dubbed Levante.

Levante Chandelier – Let There Be Light With Candles

It’s a very special chandelier entirely hand made. Levante is totally “Orient and Venice”, true to its origins, even though tempted by modern technology. Actually, it is only the latest of a long series of lighting fixtures that dare to go beyond the classical canons traditionally associated with chandeliers in Murano glass.

Francesco Dei Rossi, the Art Director of De Majo describes his creation: ” … I tried to design a chandelier , in its original and authentic dimension, representing the style of the Venetian tradition recreated using ancient techniques in order to relive the excitement of the object illuminated by the light for which it was created . At the same time the use of led lights allows everyday use also illuminating the chandelier from the inside, which emphasizes its decorative value . ”

Levante Chandelier – Let There Be Light With Candles

De Majo IIluminazione was first established at the end of the second world war by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the Lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glassworks on the island of Murano. Right from the first moment the company preserves and interprets the ancient Murano glass manufacturing techniques.

Levante Chandelier – Let There Be Light With Candles

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