Limited Edition Knight at Stavely Castle Puzzle with 3D Elements

Stave Puzzles, the largest hand-cut jigsaw puzzle company in the USA has launched a limited edition Knight at Stavely Castle puzzle, that you can buy on its web site for $7,995, making it one of world’s most expensive jigsaw puzzle.

Knight at Stavely Castle Puzzle by Stave Puzzles
Knight at Stavely Castle Puzzle by Stave Puzzles

This is a very unique puzzle game, which depicts the castle and its rider. Consisting of 750 pieces, this puzzle includes 3D pop-ups unveiling a castle facade and a 3D removable sword in the stone, designed and painted by the staff of the company, specializing in puzzle author, all cut by hand. Each puzzle is meticulously hand-cut using delicately fine blades, one piece at a time, by a skilled crafter. No computers, no high-tech. One saw, one cutter – that’s it.

You can also personalize some bigger jigsaw puzzles, since the company encourages you to collaborate with them in the creative process so your puzzle will contain personal details making it uniquely yours. If nothing else, they can put the puzzler’s name on the box, hand lettered in gold. [Stave Puzzles]

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