Louis Roederer and Philippe di Meo Limited Edition Jeroboam

There are many of those who think that champagne is only for special occasions. Luxury designer extraordinaire Philippe di Meo has teamed up with Champagne Louis Roederer to produce a limited edition Jeroboam design for the cuvee Cristal 2002 and it coast $26,000.


The distinctive bottle is transformed into even more luxurious that allows connoisseurs to participate in its design. Cristal’s distinctive clear glass bottle encased in a lattice of 24-carat gold provides the ultimate in luxury wine tasting. Each bottle takes four days to create by two master goldsmiths. The limited edition Jeroboam design for the cuvee Cristal 2002 is indeed a jewel in the real sense.

This champagne is their best, which is today as it has always been, the embodiment of elegance and purity. This Champagne is produced by strict criteria, based on a drastic process of selection of vintage, cru, villages, grape and wine at the end.

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