LOUIS XIII Announces 100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See

100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See

LOUIS XIII Cognac, one of the most luxurious spirits in the world, announced an original film, which envisions Earth one hundred years from now and will not be released until 2115. That means all of you who’s reading this won’t be able to see it. And, that’s a bit shame, because this film, features one of the weirdest and most interesting Hollywood team-ups ever, between director Robert Rodriguez (co-director of 2005’s Sin City and its 2014 sequel) and actor/writer John Malkovich.

100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See
100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See

The movie was inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac. To ensure that “100 Years” remains secure until its official premiere on November 18, 2115, one century from now, the film was placed in a state-of-the-art safe which will open automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete. One thousand guests from around the world received an exclusive invitation to give to their descendants to attend the premiere of “100 Years“, on November 18, 2115, at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac, France.
The incredible legacy of craftsmanship that goes into one decanter of LOUIS XIII, and the fact that its creators will never experience the results of their work, led the creative direction of the film “100 Years”, which explores the fascinating concept of what the future may look like in one hundred years. Just as each cellar master dedicates his life to creating a masterpiece that he will never experience, the cast and crew of “100 Years” will never see the final cut of the film.
While this ground-breaking film will not be released until 2115, three teasers have been produced that explore hypothetical visions of what Earth might be like in one hundred years. Each teaser begins with the same dialogue and incorporates the actors, but each presents a different future. One imagines the Earth one hundred years from now overtaken by nature. Another imagines a world ruled by technology, after extraterrestrial exploration when Earth becomes ultra-urbanized and technologically advanced. And the third teaser imagines that humanoid robots have taken control of the earth and humans have to run to escape. They engage viewers to question which vision is closest to tomorrow’s reality. In addition, a short trailer will provide a brief glimpse into the making of and content from the completed “100 Years”.

100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See
100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See

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