Luxury Hotel Casa Palopo In Guatemala

At a short distance from Guatemala City, the capital of the eponymous country, Hotel Casa Palopo is a great place for those who want an idyllic and scenic holiday. This resort is very attractive and intimate, and it contains all the luxurious amenities and meets the highest standards of comfort. When we talk about the natural environment of this place, you really will not find better. The hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, which is the deepest lake in Central America.

Luxury Hotel Casa Palopo In Guatemala

The hotel itself is divided into two parts. There is a main part of the seven spacious and beautifully decorated rooms, and there is also a fantastic 6.8 Palopo gourmet restaurant. Then there is a two-bedroom Villa Palopo, only 150 steps from the main hotel, with spectacular views of the pool and Jacuzzi that are a part of it.

Luxury Hotel Casa Palopo In Guatemala
When you settled and relaxed in the luxurious amenities that this hotel offers, start your adventure and explore the wonders of Guatemala. Guests can enjoy activities organized by the hotel, such as walking, kayaking, horseback riding or simply enjoying the spa services. This hotel is reasonably considered by many as the best holiday destination in Central America.

Luxury Hotel Casa Palopo In Guatemala

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