Luxury Villa Colani on Majorca Island for Sale on eBay

Luxury Villa Colani on Majorca Island
Luxury Villa Colani on Majorca Island

If you are part of the Billionaires Club and on a lookout for a spectacular mansion, then its best we direct you to this eBay where German Price upon request and talk show host, Karl-Heinz Richard Furst von Sayn-Wittgenstein is selling his royal mansion.

Known as Villa Colani, inspired by the legendary designer Luigi Colani, this luxury estate was finished in 2009. The estate is a series of circular structures, connected by terraces, water features and wrapped in a package where the exterior is bright orange. There’s an eclectic mix of statues, blue marble columns with gilded plinths, genuine gold mosaic in the bath, and a pool that abuts directly to the exterior of the house. More than 1,230 square feet of 24-carat gold, the gold weighed 60 pounds and at the time cost more than $1 million, was used in the swimming pools and house.

There’s about 10,700-square-feet of living space that includes a spherical kitchen for which the appliances, were designed by Sheer and flown in from Italy. The exclusive Colani door, as well as the doors to the five other entrances, are all adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals artistically inset into the panel so that they sparkle from both the outside and inside the house.

The breath-taking Villa Colan is on sale for $28,000,000, a amount that is petty change for the rich and the famous.

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