Magico Q5 Speakers – Let’s Music Reach Your Soul

magico q5 speakers 3
Magico Q5 Speakers

Magico, famed loudspeaker builder, will introduce a new line of “Q” speakers, starting with the Q5. The Q5 is a full aluminum-bodied floorstander that fits into the Magico range above the V3 and below the M5. A new in house machine shop with six CNC milling machines allows Magico to build the Q5 at a far lower cost than their previous all aluminum speaker, the M6.

The Q5 also brings Magico’s second tweeter – an inverted-dome design that is claimed to extend ultra high frequency response past 50kHz, with lower distortion levels and higher transmission speeds than Magico’s first tweeter, the MR-1 ring radiator.

magico q5 speakers 1
Magico Q5 Speakers

The speakers are priced at around $54,000 each pair. If cost is an issue, an in-house machine shop with six CNC milling machines helps you to customize the Magico with the Q5 economically, as compared to the all aluminum speakers “CES M6”. With a price tag that high, you can be certain you’re getting the sharpest sound ever.

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Magico Q5 Speakers

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