Majestic Bernadet – Three-wheeled Art Work

Majestic Bernadet

Staying true to his affinity to the magnificent motorcycles of 1930′, Sergio Bueno restored the art-deco bike and turned it into a fully functional piece of art intended for the millennials.
This bike originally was designed by George Roy, an engineer who did not like the popular tubular frames of that time because he thought that they were too flexible. Instead, he proposed creating a “majestic” model with a chassis made of one piece made of steel, in which was also housed the drive.

Majestic Bernadet

For the first time, this kind of bike was introduced at the Paris Fair in 1929 and was one of the most popular novelties of the event. Although it was officially released for production the following year, it did not have a good sale and the company withdrew it in 1933.
Bueno, who is responsible for the modern revival of this model, had in his possession a model from the thirties. When he decided to restore it, he knew that he would have to spend a lot of time in the workshop, but the real challenge for him was the reconstruction of the body of this bike, which was ate in ruddy. Without original spare parts, Bueno had only photographs as reference for which he worked.

Majestic Bernadet

Thanks to his passion and effort, the unique structure of this bike was born again, looking elegant just like it just got out of the production facility.
In the new design, French engine specialists, Bernadet, created a passenger compartment, but not in the rear of the bike, but on the side. We must admit that all this looks very interesting.

Majestic Bernadet

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