Mentawai Archipelago – Unexplored Paradise

Mentawai Archipelago

Although not very far from the mainland, the Mentawai Islands were isolated and virtually unexplored until the 19th century …
These islands are separated from the rest of the world by strong and unpredictable sea currents, sharp coral spurs and stormy winds. This archipelago is believed to have separated from Sumatra about 500,000 years ago and therefore has a unique flora and fauna that makes it very unique and particularly interesting to its visitors.  Siamang kerdil, a rare species of black-and-yellow monkey, named simpai Mentawai by the locals, attracts the most attention.

Mentawai Archipelago

The largest island in this archipelago is Siberut and it is home to much of the Mentawai population. It is most protected from winds and strong currents and is very comfortable for summer and relaxation. About 60% of this island is still covered by tropical rainforest, so you will find incredible biodiversity there. It is this diversity that has made this island a place on the UNESCO list, as the western half of the island is protected and designated a national park.

Mentawai Archipelago

Pulau Sipora Island is home to Tua Pejat, which has administrative facilities and is also known as a surfer’s paradise. The airport of this archipelago is located on Rokot Island, which now holds only 10% of the tropical rainforest and is the most developed part of the archipelago. South of Rokot is Pulau Pagai Island – Utara and Selatan – which do not have a large number of visitors.

Mentawai Archipelago

Changes in this archipelago were very rapid, progress was felt in all its parts. Tourism has become very developed as the popularity of natural beauty has grown more and more year by year. The interesting culture of the locals is also something that attracts many people as well as the unexplored tropical rainforest.
Along with the rapid development has come the construction of hotels and resorts, which are often overbuilt in this paradise because many people want to feel the touch of true nature and its strength.

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