Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition – Your First Class Cabin on the Ground

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition

The luxury and convenience of first-class travel is no longer limited to flight. Now you experience all the amenities of a private jet and more in a custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Grand Edition, available exclusively from Mercedes Benz Manhattan.

The main cabin combines the comforts of home and the conveniences of an office. The vehicle has its own Wi-Fi network and two 32-inch flat-panel monitors. Driver and passenger seats come with heat and massage features. Behind them are four reclining captain’s chairs.

The interior walls and carpet have the look and feel of warm camel. For further entertainment, there are CD and DVD players, as well as iPod and video game connections. A 30,000-B.T.U. climate control system heats or cools the rear, and an air-ride system smooths out bumps. For all its weighty, high-tech features, the Grand Edition is still powered by the standard 3-liter turbodiesel V-6 that powers most Sprinters, which produces all of 188 horsepower.

Some people call it the stand-up Maybach, said Vincent Varga, a sales representative for the dealership, referencing Mercedes-Benz’s ultraluxurious sedan marque. Priced at $189,850, the Sprinter Grand Edition may indeed be this year’s ultimate Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition

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