Merdinger’s Arabesque Candlesticks Offer Your Home an Enchantment Ambiance

Merdinger's Arabesque Candlesticks
Merdinger's Arabesque Candlesticks

Candles make your house look absolutely pristine, and also help you save electricity. And if you like the lit candle effect in your house, you need candlesticks and stands to match the decor of your house in broad daylight when the candles don’t contribute to the light. The Arabesque Candlesticks ensure that you notice the sticks even when the candles are glowing! As the candle burns, the lights fill up the Arabesque pattern and through it the entire surroundings with star shapes.

Made of metal alloys, plated in black and gold titanium and 18 K gold, 12.8 inches tall the Arabesque Candlesticks are hand crafted and plated with a special vacuum plating technique which gives the product a higher surface shininess and durability. Priced at $2,728 for pair, candlestick have laser engraved the Merdinger logo.

Merdinger, the Swiss Design Company, is a third generation jeweller and designer of luxury artefacts. His identity is shrouded in mystery, known only to a few close associates.

Merdinger's Arabesque Candlesticks
Merdinger's Arabesque Candlesticks

[Source: Merdinger]

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