Meridian Audio Unveils 40th Anniversary Edition System

Reowned hi-fi manufacturer Meridian Audio marks its 40th anniversary with a limited edition music system based on an enhanced pair of DSP8000 Speakers and the 808 Signature Reference CD Player. Aesthetically, the Anniversary System will only be available in Ruby finish.

Meridian Audio 40th Anniversary Edition System
Meridian Audio 40th Anniversary Edition System

Meridian Audio’s 808 Signature Reference CD player features a legacy CD-ROM drive that allows for data recovery and error correction. A master clocking system and timing circuitry minimizes jitter. Meridian’s Digital Active Loudspeakers provide resolution up to standard 24-bit and lacks the modern reference high resolution 32-bit processing of normal high-end DACs. Built-in amplification for the speakers include one each 150 watt units on midrange and tweeter and three 150 watt units for the bass drivers (one amplifier per driver). Frequency response in-room is 20 Hz to >20 kHz (±3dB).

Limited to only 40 numbered editions world-wide, each system comes with an engraved plate showing its unique system number and signed by Bob and Allen. The speakers also have coordinated glass inset panels, loudspeakers grilles and tweeter surrounds, with new, polished bezels surrounding the drivers. Each set will also include a book, illustrating the rich history of Meridian’s exceptional Digital Signal Processing (DSP) loudspeakers, which is also signed by Bob and Allen.

Priced at £60,000 ($92,500) the Meridian Audio 40th Anniversary System is available for order at Meridian Audio web site. Customers who purchase this special system will be able to purchase additional loudspeakers in the same colour, for instance to complete a theatre system. The colour will remain exclusive to original owners of the 40th Anniversary Systems.

Meridian Audio 40th Anniversary Edition System
Meridian Audio's 808 Signature Reference CD player in Ruby red

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