Meridian Audio 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player – World’s Finest Audiophile CD Players

For the past 25-years, Meridian has been making some of the world’s finest audiophile CD players. It’s been six years since the first 808 CD player was introduced, and with each new model Meridian adds a few improvements to their reference quality players.

Meridian Audio 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player

The 808.3 is no exception. Like the 808.2 before it, the 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player uses Meridian’s DSP based up-sampling system and triple FIFO buffering. All 808.3s benefit from an array of audio inputs – analogue, digital, and a new balanced digital audio SpeakerLink input – as well as a sophisticated volume control. These inputs allow the connection of additional audio sources, which can be selected and processed using the same powerful audio enhancing DSP as the internal CD source.

Updates to 808.3’s analogue input card provide superior analogue to digital conversion compared to previous models of 808i/808.2i. This improvement in conversion technology enables superior audio performance for all analogue connected sources making 808.3 a better, more valuable pre-amplifier.

In addition to its standard audio inputs, the 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player features an ID40 Sooloos Card allowing it to be directly connected to the same network as a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System. When connected the 808.3 is seen as a zone within the system and it renders audio streamed across the network.

At the output, Meridian’s SpeakerLink connection system delivers the highest quality digital signals to Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers on discrete, low-cost cables with simple connectors. The 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player has new twin SpeakerLink outputs which mean left and right DSP Loudspeakers can both be connected directly to the 808.3, further simplifying wiring structure and making cables even easier to hide.

Available in Graphite, Silver and Black, the 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player is priced at $19,995 (including the ID40 Card).

Meridian Audio 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player

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