Meridian Control 15 – Storage, Playback and Control in a Single Unit

Meridian Sooloos Control 15
Meridian Sooloos Control 15

If you’re looking for an ultra high-end digital music system then look no further – because the Meridian Sooloos Control 15 could be exactly what you’re after. The new Control 15 combines the three key elements of every Sooloos Digital Media system – storage, playback and control – in a single freestanding device.  When paired with Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers or any Hi-Fi system set up via high-resolution S/PDIF and SpeakerLink digital audio connectivity, it forms a complete digital entertainment system.

From its 17-inch touch-screen, Control 15 provides access to an entire Meridian Sooloos music collection, and connected to the internet, Control 15 also serves as an interface to the internet radio stations and streamed music from Rhapsody.

Control 15 stores around 1000 CD albums in lossless format – along with MP3 versions that can be exported to a personal music player – on an internal 500GB hard drive. And for larger music collections, one Control 15 can be connected to another Control 15, to additional Meridian Sooloos storage, or further Meridian Sooloos source components, enabling a system to grow along with both your music collection and your home.

Using SpeakerLink to connect Control 15 to any of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers with a single discrete cable is designed for easier installation and produces a variety of methods of system control – from the touch-screen, via a Meridian MSR+ system remote control, or even wirelessly using the Sooloos iPhone/iPad app.

The Control 15 is available now with a suggested retail price of $7,500.

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