Meteorite Poker Set by Stahl

Stahl Meteorite Poker Set

We are sure many of our readers own their own poker set. Also, no matter how much we all love poker, we are sure most of us don’t have any real reason to invest a huge amount of money in our home game poker sets. But, what do you think about poker set that is carved from meteorite? We’re talking about Meteorite Set – a one-off masterpiece based on an ancient core of a planet in the form of an iron meteorite that landed from outer space in Northern Sweden, which is known as “Muonionalusta“ approximately 800.000 years ago.

Stahl Meteorite Poker Set

Swedish jeweller and artist, Kristian Stahl, has hammered out discs from meteorite and covered them in 18k white gold and lined with pristine diamonds, Burmese Rubies and Sri Lankan Sapphires. The chips come with a total of approximately 205 carats of diamonds, and around 50 carats of rubies and sapphires.
Also included in the Meteorite Set are five Siberian woolly mammoth ivory dice. The 120 chips, five dice, and two sets of high quality playing cards are housed in a briefcase made from Swedish calf skin and reindeer calf suede.

Stahl Meteorite Poker Set

Says the designer: “The meteorite crashed into a remote part of northern Sweden, called Muonionalusta, almost one million years ago. The appeal and the challenge were too exciting to pass up.”
It is hard to imagine this set being used to play an actual game, but if you are a rich collector that likes poker, this just might catch your eye. Priced at $150,000, this is the second most expensive poker set in the world. The first place is reserved for $7.5 million Geoffrey Parker Poker Set.

Stahl Meteorite Poker Set

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