Miguel Caballero – Armani of Bulletproof Clothing

Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Clothing Line

And those who need protection in their lives, deserve to wear fashionable. Thanks to fashion designer from Colombia, Miguel Caballero and his Bulletproof Clothing Line, it is feasible. This bulletproof clothing line comes in many guises, from raincoats, to coats, to shirts, to polo shirts, to vests, and even dresses. If one is patient and willing to spend a bit more, then Mr Caballero will willingly come up with a design to one’s specifications.

Three years ago Caballero, known as the Armani of bulletproof clothing, came to the attention of body armor specialists with his stylish lines of bulletproof clothing – each one designed to be light, protective against different threat levels, and best of all, able to keep body temperature at a constant and cool 13 – 17 degrees Celsius.

Customers can choose from low, medium and high protection levels. The low level protects from short range weaponry such as hand-guns and revolvers. The medium level protects against sub machine guns such as mini Uzis. And the high level protects against high powered assault rifles and machine guns like the MP5.

The MC Black Collection features European style clothing designed exclusively for the client seeking stylish yet camouflaged bulletproof options. State-of-the-art materials coupled with elegant details offer maximum protection.

The MC Classic Collection is specially designed for military forces and police. The bulletproof clothing supports such security professionals in assault operations, detection and neutralization of explosive artifacts (mines), and tactical missions.

The MC Gold Collection provides personal protection solutions for men and women seeking casual bulletproof clothing options. From lightweight jackets to modern vests, each has been specially developed for clients who engage in a variety of activities.

The MC Silver Collection features a variety of bulletproof vest styles for security professionals working in value transportation, monitoring reaction companies, or banking and corporate safety. Designs incorporate an anti-trauma plate for higher protection. [Miguel Caballero]

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