Mitsubishi 155-inch Diamond Vision Modular OLED – World’s First Large-scale OLED Screen

Mitsubishi 155-inch Diamond Vision Modular OLED
Mitsubishi 155-inch Diamond Vision Modular OLED

Mitsubishi certainly thinks that bigger is better, and has prepared its 100-inch Diamond Vision OLED display to go on sale from September 21st onwards. Of course, those who are feeling extra flush can always fork out more for larger sizes, which will hopefully include the 155-inch prototype.

Diamond Vision is a huge 155-inch OLED display is a join collaboration product between Pioneer and Mitsubishi, from the prototype model, it has a brightness of 1,200cd/m², twice the constrast offers by standar LED display. The Diamond Vision which was announced in October 2009 is meant for indoor use, where each module measures 234mm x 234mm with 128 x 128 resolution. This means each pixel is around 3mm in size, where you will need to view the displays from at least a couple of meters away.

Module-based, scalable screen allows flexible applications in size, shape. The Diamond Vision OLED, designed for indoor use, delivers seamless, vivid images using Mitsubishi Electric’s newly developed video controlling technology. The screen offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles reaching approximately ±80 degrees.

OLED screens are capable of much higher resolutions than regular stadium-style LED displays, but have two fatal flaws. They’re super expensive, and OLED degrades. The expected life of an OLED panel is only about 20,000 hours (roughly 2.5 years for a 24/7 advertisement). Gorgeous as they are, that expense is why you’re not reading this on an OLED screen right now.

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